Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Journalfest- Classes Days 2 & 3

We are all born children. The trick is how to remain one. Picasso

My class on day two of Journalfest was "Making Faces" by Roxanne Padgett. Of the three classes I signed up for at Journalfest, I probably expected the least of this one, and maybe that is part of the reason I enjoyed it so much. I find when I just go with the flow and play I am very happy with the results at the end of the day. Roxanne does a fabulous job of getting you out of your head and back to that childlike state of play and making art for the pure joy of it, and not for some grand result. The picture to the left was one of the first exercises we did as a class. After loosening up drawing ovals on pages we drew an oval, put our name in the lower right hand corner and were told to pass it to the right. When we all had someone else's oval in front of us we were told to draw a facial part- an eye, nose, ear, mouth, whatever we wished, but just one. Then we had to pass that on and get another 'face' to add one element to and so on, until the pages ended up back to us, complete with portrait. Fun!

We did a lot of painting, drawing simple portraits and then doing things to them: coloring them, collaging them, making stamps of faces with foam sheets and cardboard. Here are some of mine:

My class on Day 3 was Grimoire with Juliana Coles. She had hinted that we could get dressed up for the occasion and donning my Luna Lovegood Spectospecs and witch's hat I attended a class filled with a few more witches, an enchantress, and Juliana looked absolutely grand in her enchantress outfit as she led the class through journaling spells to enter into a mystical place where we could reach inside and draw out our own magical secrets to put down on the pages of our special journals. A fun, relaxing class, even though she had us working fast and furious through several points in the morning. Since the journal is supposed to be personal and secret, I won't be sharing pictures here, except for the one posted yesterday:

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