Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going For Baroque

I had the best time in Lynne Perrella's "Going for Baroque class at Artfest. Working way out of my comfort zone- I like to paint but never really do it outside of painting water color washes for the backgrounds of my journal pages. In this class I got to create textures with gesso on red rosin paper (awesome stuff- got to go to my local Home Depot or Lowes and find me a roll of that stuff!) and then use my Portfolio water soluble oil pastels (I bought the box about 5 years ago and never had the courage to use them before!), along with paint and collage to create this incredible banner. (As you can see from the photo, I had some buckling problems with my collaged face/image. We used gel medium to put the image down, and I just don't get good results collaging with gel medium of any sort. We all had problems with it in class that day. Not sure if the rain/humidity had any role to play. Given my track record with the stuff, I would think it was just my problems with it. I have some work to do on this, but I am very happy with the results. I learned a lot of new techniques, and even if my finished project is far from display worthy, I like what I did/learned.) I took a photo of it at the Show and Tell on Saturday at Artfest, along with other examples of what people created in the my class and the other two (Lynne taught the class all three days.) She is awesome. I had always wanted to take a class with her and when I saw this new class being offered at this year's Artfest I made sure I indicated on my registration that I had to have her class on one of my three days! I lucked out to have it on Friday- where I've made the adjustment to the time change and got my creative juices fully flowing. (I always pick a relaxing class to take on the final day- I'll post about that one next.)

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