Saturday, April 10, 2010

Artfest 2010- Journal Page 2

Here's page two of the journal pages from this year's Artfest. I collaged this page before I left, added the swirly doodles at the Journaling party down by the beach on Thursday night, and continued to journal as the event went on.The cheshire cat was done to disguise a bleed through that happened when I started working on the collaged image on the next page (a constant problem for me - the one draw back to using Sharpies. You never know when they are going to bleed through.) I thought my solution worked out pretty well. I started this collage before going to Artfest and added the arms (bleed through) and the pennants on the top. I still have a ways to go on this page. I will scan it in and post it when it is finished.

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