Sunday, April 11, 2010

Art day Saturday

Saturday I decided to make the day all about art. I got out my new book "Collage Lab" by Bee Shay (who I've had the honor of having as a teacher twice at Artfest- she is the best!) and decided to do the first lab. It involved putting gesso on watercolor paper and then doing stuff to it. It was a very zen activity and got me in the mood to play. Here are my gessoed pieces of paper, which I hope to use in other art projects down the line (or other art labs that I do as I work my way through her book.)

Then I read a chapter in another book I bought recently called "life is a verb" by Patti Digh. The intro was serious (and a bit of a downer) but the activity was fun- dancing. So I put on a Dave Matthews Band song and danced around for a few minutes and got in the spirit to work in my art journal. (See page below) Then I worked on getting all of these images scanned and ready to post today, along with the images from the Going for Baroque class I took with Lynne Perrella at Artfest (see last post).

Today (Sunday) I am least I was until I took a break for lunch and decided to come and play for an hour or so. Now it's back to laundry and cleaning some more. Grocery shopping and then hopefully another round of art journaling.

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