Saturday, April 17, 2010

Collage Lab 2

On to Lab 2:Basic Paper Surfaces- this lab involved using different types of paper and using matte medium (I used Modge Podge- Golden Gel Mediums and I don't tend to do very well for some reason, so I thought I'd try this stuff- so far I had much better results) paste them down to 140 lb cold press water color paper. This one is little bits and pieces of different kinds of paper- copy paper, tissue paper, punched card stock (the black bird, white sun), magazine and newsprint.

On the left is one where I used strips of card stock in two layers, one verticle one horizontal.

This is tissue paper on water color paper. I really like the results I got over all with the Modge Podge as far as everything going down smoothly (except with the tissue paper, where I wanted it to wrinkle and be textured). No buckling. No peeling up. I don't know about painting over this stuff (that remains to be seen. I think that I will be doing that in future labs, but I haven't really looked that far ahead.)

Here's a group photo of all of my pieces from this lab.If you are interested in learning more, go visit Bee Shay's blog:

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