Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Collage Lab 3- Diffusing Imagery

Back on track with the art making. Here is my attempt at Lab #3: Diffusing Imagery. I used two photos I took on my last field trip to NYC, and a page I ripped out of a magazine. I did not take a picture of the magazine page before I started the project (oops!) but here are the two photos I used:

I'd show you the original photo of the building, but my iphoto has decided that it doesn't want to give me access to my own photo (can I tell you how much I hate iphoto!)
So here are all three images, mounted on watercolor paper with a couple of layers of a wash of gesso over them. I used a spray bottle with the gesso wash on the plaza photo with the tree in the foreground. I liked this method the best. I really don't get this lab, or how I would make use of this technique in my work. I guess I will learn how to integrate this method in my work as I move through the Collage Lab book.

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