Friday, April 5, 2013

March Art Romp- Carla Sonheim's Studio

On one of our field trips in Seattle we visited the studio of Carla Sonheim. While we were there we did a drawing exercise. Each of us were given a 4 1/2" by 5 1/2" piece of paper and instructed to look around the studio walls/floor for a crack or imperfection that we would draw and then make an animal out of. I found an imperfection in the hardwood flooring that reminded me of a horse shape so I sketched it with pencil. Once we all had found a shape we sat down and were instructed to turn the paper around at different angles to see if we saw an animal shape. When I turned my paper I suddenly saw the shape looked like a strange fish and that is what I drew into the shape.

Carla showed us a few things in her new book Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals and one of the exercises is making animals out of washi tape. I had remembered seeing her post something about this on her blog a few months ago and had wanted to try it. When we got back to Teesha's studio I made these:

I would highly recommend Carla's books and if you get the chance take a class with her (on line or in person), she is warm, funny and inspires confidence in anyone who's always wanted to draw but never tried or worse, because someone told them a lie that they can't.

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