Wednesday, February 6, 2013

En Masse and the Musee des Beaux Arts de Montreal

Here's the wrap up of my trip to Montreal in January. With a sneak peak of the graffiti that awaited the following day, this alley was one of two we drove past that was decorated by a group of graffiti artists collaborating together known as En Masse.
In 2011 the Musee des Beaux Arts had an exhibit of the graffiti group along with art from the museum to celebrate its 150th anniversary. My friend Diana had brought along the museum booklet of the exhibit for me to see. Luckily the group had done another room in the museum (the children's area) after the original exhibit came down in 2012. Here are a few pictures of those rooms that comprise the children's area.
The other must see exhibits for me at this museum were the art done by First Peoples artists. Two pieces that I really liked were these:
The third one was called My Mother Talks About Carribou by Mattiusi Iyaituk (which if you click on the link you can go to the museum site and see it along with other works I got to see at the Beaux Arts. It's a great website to visit.) The sculpture was very moving and powerful.

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