Friday, April 6, 2012

Artfest- Thursday March 29, 2012

First Day of Classes- Technicolor Journaling with Tracie Lyn and Marilyn Huskamp. I have never worked with pastels before, so this class looked like a fun challenge. Tracie Lyn and her mother-in-law Marilyn were wonderful, leading our class through the ins and outs of working with pastels. After we made a color chart in our brown paper pads, we were each given the same color copy of a photo of a bowl of peaches. Using graphite paper we all transferred the picture to our brown paper and then colored them in with the pastels. It was amazing to see how differently all the pictures turned out- all beautiful, and all slightly different. Here is mine:
The next class project was to select an image that we brought from home to do. I chose a copy of a photo from a La Vie Claire magazine of an old chair with a mason jar of flowers and ball of twine on it. Here is what I did with the remaining time in class.
After dinner there were two journaling parties, one in the Commons and the bonfire down at the beach. I usually go to the bonfire journaling party but thought I'd check out the party in the Commons first. I never made it to the Bonfire, east coast time hitting me like a brick wall at 9:30 p.m. and the cold night outside. I was sitting in the far corner of the room and only caught a glimpse of the belly dancer after the country band finished playing. Had a fun time socializing with the great people at my table especially Collette, Emily, and Danielle. Here is the page I worked on at the Commons party.

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