Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 Days of Get Your Art On Challenge

This is one of the journal pages I've been working on over the weekend that hurricane Irene hit the east coast. Luckily here in the middle of Long Island, NY my home didn't suffer any damage and I didn't loose power or internet. Not far from me there are friends without power here on Long Island, and I have friends and family in NY, CT and other parts of New England that are without power, or suffered more damage. The preparation and aftermath of the storm have left me tired and unmotivated, even though the days since have been sunny and bright. What I need is a challenge so...........

I am taking on the 30 Days of Get Your Art On challenge in the month of September.

Here are the rules I have set for myself:
I will be playing in my art journal, trying out new art techniques, taking art adventures for inspiration, photography, ATC's, whatever strikes my artistic whim as long as I do it everyday and document what I do. I will share this documentation of my daily art adventures during the month of September here on my blog. I might not post ever day, but I will let you know what I've been doing each day in summary posts. Sounds like fun with a deadline!

Want to join in? Click on the 30 Days button to the right, or visit the blog of the host of the challenge, Traci Bunkers and follow her directions.

I better get ready to start! September starts tomorrow.

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