Friday, April 15, 2011

Artfest 2011: There and Back Again

Artfest 2011 took place from April 6-11, 2011 at Fort Worden, in Port Townsend, Washington. Always a wonderful time, with good weather (I think the organizers know some secret sun dance or something!).

Due to real life obligations I had to keep my pre-Artfest prep to a minimum. So for trades I made ephemera bags

and had new Moo Cards printed up:

Getting there was more of a challenge than what I anticipated. Delta Airlines delayed my flight out of JFK in New York by 3+ hours and I missed the shuttle I had payed to be on to get me from SEATAC airport to Fort Townsend (2+ hours away). Through the magic that is Artfest I met up with fellow Artfestians on the plane and at the airport and we pooled our resources and one larger rental car later we were on our way to Artfest.

I took three wonderful classes: Printing on Alternate Surfaces with Kathyanne White;Photoshop with Pamela Huntington, and Big Time Book with L.K. Ludwig (a picture of my completed new art journal from this class is here:)

Home now, I've been spending the week trying to get my bodyclock back on East Coast time (always have a problem with coming back, not going there). I look forward to posting to my blog on a more regular basis.

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