Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Help from the Blog Fairy

I actually got my scanner to work, and here is today's journal page. I am on my way to bed for a good night's sleep. I will be journaling tomorrow, since I have the day off from work. I am enjoying doing these pages and hope to explore some new techniques this week. I hope if there is anyone out there looking at these that you enjoy them and hopefully feel inspired to join in on the fun and do some art journaling yourself.


  1. Huzzah to you for taking the time to do both the journal pages, and to update your blog so regularly. I admire you! It's hard to keep a commitment to doing these things - what is your secret? ;-)

  2. I believe it would be total insanity. I have already missed a day, if not two, but I am still trying my best to keep up with this, just to see if I keep at it what my work will look like by the end.