Tuesday, October 20, 2009

West Coast Art Time

It's always a struggle to adjust my body clock to West Coast Time. It usually works in my favor, allowing me to be on time and awake at the beginning of the day when I'm usually sleepy and zombielike. There is definitely an adjustment to be made to the vibe of Seattle/PacNorthWest that I really enjoy making. Things are slower and friendlier here in Seattle. The city is smaller and seemingly more accessable. Black is not the dominate color of clothing, which makes people watching all the more interesting.
Other differences between Seattle and NYC- I see a lot of people walking around reading books at the same time. I went to visit the Seattle Public Library and it was pretty packed for a Monday afternoon. I was impressed that they could hand me a laminated page that gave me directions for a self guided tour around what is an incredible building- 11 stories---it is huge and wide open. I'll try to post a photo later, but I loved the words carved in the floor on the first floor of the library and the 'cone of sound' which made me think of the cone of silence from Get Smart. The building is a visual treat!
All of this site seeing I hope will add to my inspirational treasure chest for the art I will be making later in the week at Journalfest.

What do you do to refuel your creative toy chest of inspiration?

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