Thursday, April 30, 2015

A Little Piece of Me

When an artist creates a piece of art they are putting a little piece of themselves in it and if they dare show it in public, they are exposing that piece of themselves to the world. Art Journaling is an art form that is created (at least by me) to be very personal and usually private. But then you do something like decide to blog about art journaling and you end up exposing those bits and pieces of yourself. I've seen some art journal artists put their journal pages up on their websites and blogs and then are startled when complete strangers come up to them in public and seem to know things about them that they thought were private and personal- forgetting that they wrote about those things on their journal pages and didn't realize that other people were indeed reading them. Some get around this by using quotes in their artwork. But still, a little piece of themselves are still in the art they've created, even the choice of the quote can indicate something about the artist.
That's the risk you take.

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