Thursday, November 14, 2013

Art Hero- Peter Max

Peter Max was the first artist that I can remember making an impact on me. I received an anti smoking mini poster in grammar school that he had designed and it was a prized possession of mine (that I left home when I went to college and it got destroyed). I also remember walking to the post office as a child to buy his cosmic runner postage stamp for the World Expo in Seattle when it came out in 1974. (Am I dating myself here or what!) I am still a fan of his work, loving his bright saturated colors and highly imaginative compositions, as well as his more painterly works of recent years.

It was my pleasure to be able to view his paintings, as well as his seldom seen ink sketches at the current show of his work at the Nassau County Museum of Art last weekend. The museum, which is located on the former Frick estate, is housed in a georgian mansion, and almost the entire place is devoted to work of Peter Max. Room after room of paintings, posters, ink sketches, postal first day covers and a compilation film featuring the work of this incredibly talented artist throughout his multi-decades career. It's a must see for any Peter Max fan, and the sketches featured in the exhibit have never been publicly displayed before.

You can visit Peter Max's website and like him on Facebook.

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