Monday, January 28, 2013

Art Road Trip- Montreal, Canada

One of my resolutions this year was to go on more adventures. Montreal, Canada in January sounded like a great adventure (and yes I am crazy to go someplace colder in the winter, and I've done it before- always more fun than it sounds- cold is cold, you might as well be someplace new with cool things to see in the winter than bored at home). Saw this poster on my last morning in Montreal at the Atwater Market, which is a farmers/produce/meat/flower/bakery extravaganza of a place. Not sure what it's for, but for me it spoke of adventure, fun and remembering to document the journey (the elephants never forget thing....running away with the circus adventure....yadda yadda yadda...) This trip I did take pictures (with my everywhere I go camera: aka my iPhone) and I will be posting about my trip all this week. This post will be about street art, which there is plenty of in Montreal. My friend Diana used to work in Montreal and she is a huge fan of street art so she had the best locations scouted out for us. She and her wonderful husband Ron took my husband and I driving around the city to see it up close and take lots of photos.
Our first stop was to see this block in the downtown area with a high concentration of graffiti. We parked close to this building that is covered with beautiful work. On the other side is the police officer face to face with a panda, which was referring to a moment in the student protests over tuition hikes last year where a law was passed against protesters wearing masks. A protester came to the demonstration after the law was passed in a full panda suit, giving out hugs in protest of the ruling.
The tag at the top (!?!) is for the Underpressure graffiti festival they have in Montreal in the summer. Here's more work that I took pictures of in the area:
Next post: more graffiti in Montreal!

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