Friday, September 23, 2011

Days 22-23 of 30 Days of Get Your Art On

Been busy doing art related things. I started work on a new journal page in my Big Time Journal(see the post before this one) and I picked this fetching page of blue and gray with water spatters:

From there I added some ephemera and computer scans/printouts of my daughter's favorite quote from Alice in Wonderland, and artwork from the aforementioned book:

My next step is to journal on the page, but since I was having marker malfunctions on the last page I did in this journal I decided to use rubber stamps. The alphabet I picked needed to be cut apart from the sheet rubber it came on, so I've been working on prepping the stamps for stamping since late this afternoon. It is now close to midnight and I am still working on putting velcro backing on them as well as some other stamps I've been meaning to prep, so that's what I've been working on.